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  • Things to take to the Chaos Cup

    It’s Tuesday night and I’m starting to panic a bit about what I should be taking to the Chaos Cup in Chicago. So far it’s: Three sets of block dice (my Fumbbl ones that are easy to read, my Skaven ones because they’re official GW ones, and another set) Four NAF D6s, a D8 and […]

  • Fartflight

    I couldn’t sleep at all last night – I went to bed too late, looked at my phone too much, and had to get up early to make it to the airport for a 9am departure. So I wasn’t feeling like my best self at Changi this morning.Still, I got to meet a friend who’s […]

  • Back from Bintan

    Today was our last day in Bintan, so to make the most of it we slept in (both our girls were placid through the night) and then didn’t do anything apart from eat French fries until it was time to get on the bus to the ferry port. I have nothing but contempt for your […]