Back from Bintan

Today was our last day in Bintan, so to make the most of it we slept in (both our girls were placid through the night) and then didn’t do anything apart from eat French fries until it was time to get on the bus to the ferry port. I have nothing but contempt for your swimming pools / bowling alleys / spas / cutprice Segway rides.

Actually, that’s not quite true. We ate ice cream as well as French fries.

Coming back was easier than going out, because the entire population of Singapore wasn’t trying to fit in the same space. Cheekily, the ferry was still rammed full and that was annoying because we’d had to pay for seats for both our children, neither of whom had anywhere to sit apart from on us. Still, it could be worse; La Serpiente fell asleep on me before we remembered to equip her with a nappy, and then we had to wake her up before she enacted a dirty protest on me in her sleep. Crisis averted, she spent the voyage playing with her crayons and a two-year-old accomplice.

Back at Singapore, queueing for immigration was a bit off, as every twenty minutes or so somebody would push past the whole line because their family was up ahead. In my day, you waited for the rest of your family and then joined the line, you didn’t get to act like a dick because somebody in your general proximity shared some chromosomes with you. But I didn’t want to kick off, especially as I had a small child strapped to me, and we already know nobody wins arguments in the line for passport control.

(Oh, and I’m still smarting at failing/passing the Are You An Asshole? Test last week. But more of that anon.)

We had booked a taxi to pick us up, so transferring home was mercifully swift, and then we made the most of the night by taking the parents out for cake, then packing them off to bed while we dealt with the kids. Again, exhaustion and a late night led to an easy bedtime; La Serpiente was asleep before she’d had even one round of Bedtime Bear, and I got to get out for a run. A most relaxing end to the holiday.

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