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  • Fish is Fish

    Fish is Fish is the slightly melancholy, cautionary tale of what happens if you have too much confidence and curiousity, and friends from a different species. As such, I’m not sure of its suitability for bedtime stories.  The book begins with two friends, a minnow and a tadpole, sadly driven apart as the tadpole begins…

  • Some firsts in Nova Scotia

    On my last day in Nova Scotia, I had a few firsts. First, we went out on our friend’s boat, Fiddler’s Green IV, and I caught three mackerel. Or herrings. Or some sort of fish.

  • Aqua

    After work this evening, we went to Aqua, a posh seafood restaurant in Seattle on the waterfront. There’s a big bar there, and the rest of the restaurant is a noisy room with a piano near the entrance, the pianist playing a succession of Seattle songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit in a lounge stylee.…

  • Wallace and fish

    Today we went to the Wallace Collection on Manchester Square. This is a decent-sized museum, housed in a converted house, just a few minutes’ walk from Selfridges. It’s something of a shame that I never visited while I was living and working in London, but sometimes you only appreciate things when they’re harder to come…