After work this evening, we went to Aqua, a posh seafood restaurant in Seattle on the waterfront. There’s a big bar there, and the rest of the restaurant is a noisy room with a piano near the entrance, the pianist playing a succession of Seattle songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit in a lounge stylee. Somebody else was paying for all this.

As a vegetarian, it’s a bit of a waste of time to go to a fish restaurant, apart from the company you keep. The restaurant is pretty loud, precluding conversation (or I’m just too old). The food looked great, although all I got to eat was ravioli and a creme brulee, so I can’t report back on that part of it.

All the food was spectacular: huge plates of lobster, giant dishes of oyster, and a ludicrous baked Alaska that involved flames as they poured burning brandy everywhere. And the pianist played on.

Service was sluggish though. Perhaps they were slammed (on a Tuesday night?). We arrived about 6:30, didn’t leave until three hours later. By which time I was feeling seriously bent out of shape, my eyes beginning to point in different directions again. I’d say more, but my brain is not what it was…


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