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  • Rowdy Labyrinth

    My parents and sister are visiting Singapore, and although they went to bed early last night and I watched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, tonight I treated them to a meal at Labyrinth. Labyrinth is (depending on your perspective) an achingly pretentious restaurant where every dish has to be explained to you by your […]

  • Binomio

    Tonight, instead of doing my Spanish homework, I fled the noise of the Chinese New Year celebrations (day 3 of 19) and went to Binomio, a Spanish restaurant on Craig Road. It’s a strange location. Over the road is a traditional shop house, next to a fenced-in football court, both loomed over by an enormous, […]

  • Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, Seattle

    First published here but like any plan, it may not survive contact with the enemy. If you like this, please vote at the end of that page on Tripadvisor to say that it was helpful. Reproduced below, with readability enhancements: TL:DR; have the bean tacos, avoid the quesadilla. More (much more) below…

  • Show us your mussels

    This evening I went to Brussels Sprouts, a restaurant in Robinson Quay specializing not in the green cruciferous horrors of Christmas Day lunch, but in Belgian beer and mussels. I can drink the beer but avoid the molluscs, so I was at least halfway content.

  • Eating well is the best revenge

    This morning we left the hotel and went over the road to the Icon, a fairly ludicrous bar and grill, decorated with vast amounts of blown glass masquerading as pieces of candy, where we were served breakfast by a man with a hangdog expression on his face and a tight-lipped taciturnity that left me marvelling […]

  • Aqua

    After work this evening, we went to Aqua, a posh seafood restaurant in Seattle on the waterfront. There’s a big bar there, and the rest of the restaurant is a noisy room with a piano near the entrance, the pianist playing a succession of Seattle songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit in a lounge stylee. […]

  • Hot Relish

    We met friends for brunch at Relish, a restaurant over the road from the Botanic Gardens. There was no brunch. Ordinarily, this would make no odds to me. Brunch, that odd portmanteau of breakfast and lunch that’s really a waste of two opportunities to have breakfast, has never been my favourite meal. It doesn’t make […]

  • Mex-Out

    For lunch today I walked over towards Telok Ayer and a Mexican restaurant I had passed by on Good Friday, when it was shut. There seem to be more and more Mexican restaurants opening up in Singapore, mostly around Chinatown. Is that because the proprietors reason that Chinese people will go for burritos because they […]

  • Lucha Loco

    This evening, after having parked our child for the night, we skipped out to Duxton Hill to meet friends for dinner. Back home, under the watchful eye of a babysitter, La Serpiente Negra slumbered. We went to Lucha Loco, a Mexican restaurant, to eat tacos and for me to prep myself for the travel ahead […]

  • Flutes

    Out for dinner for a second time this week: this may be the end of me, a succession of heavyweight dinners when I should be concentrating on eating healthily to aid my running addiction. Tonight we went to Flutes, a restaurant in the National Museum of Singapore, itself a short walk up from the river.