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  • Swimming Lesson #17

    Swimming Lesson #17

    This was the first swimming lesson of 2018, and the first time I’ve been in the pool in three weeks. Today I leaned a new stroke, and I also learned old truths about my flexibility, and about relaxing.

  • Swimming Lesson #11

    After an awful lot of weeks off, I went back to Swish today to start another set of lessons. As always, starting again is more challenging than you think: you’re confronted by the fact that you’re not as good as you imagine you are. But this is at least an opportunity to improve.

  • Lost in transit once more

    I got a taxi to the airport with plenty of time to spare, assuming there’d be all kinds of extra hassle getting through security. I was wrong; from arriving curbside to dropping off my bags took less than five minutes. Of course, if I’d left a bit later I might have remembered to pack my […]

  • Wet at both ends

    I got soaked walking to work, and I got soaked walking home. I took my computer home last night, as part of my continuing love/hate relationship with The People’s Favourite Statistical Workbench, R. I walked blithely almost all the way to the office this morning when, as I mused on how nice it was not […]

  • A gap in my memory

    A week after my wife’s birthday, we did something. I’m not entirely sure what, but I wrote about it. And then something went wrong and I lost the entry, and I’ve now got no memory, less than 9 days later, about what I was up to. This is a bit worrying, not least because it […]

  • Forgetting Another Mother’s Day

    Today was the North American Mother’s Day. This is different to British Mother’s Day, and my wife was quite irate that I’d managed to forget both of them, especially what with my prodigious ability to remember things. To be fair, I’m not a North American, my wife isn’t British and she’s not my mother either, […]

  • Frightening yourself

    What’s the word for the particular heart-stopping terror induced by the realization that you’ve managed to lose your wallet, containing all the cash you needed for a week, and all the cash you needed for the next country you’re going to, plus your bank cards, your credit card, the ID cards for both the country […]

  • Happy Anniversary

    At about five this afternoon, my wife sent me a message on Skype, asking if I wanted to go out for dinner. I gave this some thought: there’s plenty of stuff in the fridge, and although I was paid less than a week ago, we’re trying to economise, what with having a newborn to care […]