Wet at both ends

I got soaked walking to work, and I got soaked walking home. I took my computer home last night, as part of my continuing love/hate relationship with The People’s Favourite Statistical Workbench, R. I walked blithely almost all the way to the office this morning when, as I mused on how nice it was not to be heavily laden on my commute, I remembered I’d left my laptop on the sofa. Back I went, then trudged with an ever-increasingly heavy Dell back to the office. I swear it didn’t weigh this much when I started using it; it must be the weight of all the extra data on the hard drive.

The extra twenty minutes walk this morning left me with a shirt so sweaty it was practically transparent. Expecting this, I’d plucked a second shirt from the wardrobe before making my second attempt at commuting, but I’d sweat so much that my second shirt was damp even before I started wearing it. And our air conditioning, over zealous as ever, forced me to leave a meeting when I could no longer distinguish shivering from convulsions.

Then this evening it rained, and I’d forgotten my umbrella.

Life has settled into a routine; I get home, get the kids to bed, go for a very slow run (it’s beginning to get very boring to run this slowly, which I guess will motivate me to go faster), come home again, drink some milk, walk to the supermarket to cool off and buy more milk, comr home again, pass out. So it was and will be tonight.

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