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  • Sleeping like a champion

    Garmin’s app occasionally sends me ‘Insights’ which are usually notifications like “James, you’re moving slightly more than usual” but today I got a more exciting one: That’s right, I’d be a contender in the International Sleeping Championship. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved such heights of athleticism before. Then again, if I won they might […]

  • Stryd PowerRace

    Today I installed PowerRace onto my Garmin 235, and it feels like it’s made my Stryd massively more useful as a training tool.

  • Running with a Stryd and a Garmin 235

    Tonight I went for my first run in twelve days: ten minutes to run down the street for a kilometre and then back again. There were various aches and pains in my back (possibly working some kinks out there) but I was also reaping the results of a strict chocolate-coated biscuit diet over the past […]

  • Screwing yourself up

    I went to my local watch-and-optician shop today to get a new battery for my heart rate monitor, but they were on holiday for a week, so I went next door and bought a battery and a set of small screwdrivers instead, resolving to do the job myself. After all, it’s just four small screws […]

  • What I did this Saturday

    Today I discovered, (in line with previous expectations) far too late to do anything about it, that the battery on my Garmin was flat, despite having plugged it into the charger overnight. Nothing I tried persuaded it to take a charge, so I had to go off to Parkrun and attempt a run without any […]

  • Early to bed and early to strides

    Because La Serpiente isn’t at school this week, she’s been having her naps much earlier in the day, which means by the time I get home she’s reaching the end of her limit and begins to act out; jumping on things, jumping off things, making demands for finger painting. However, this phase quickly passes, and […]

  • A failed attempt

    I now wholeheartedly trust my watch. Or at least, when it tells me after a hard session (like MacRitchie on Sunday) that I need three and a half days’ recovery, it knows what it’s talking about. Three days and twelve hours after my last big run, my calves were still a little sore, (though not […]

  • No shirt, no service?

    This morning, I dreamed I was using ultrasound to destroy all my shirts, and this was really annoying my wife. She even seemed slightly annoyed after I’d woken up and told her this: that’s what you get for disturbing my sleep patterns with Skype, even if you were calling just two minutes before my alarm […]

  • Farewell, Forerunner 210

    Alas, my poor Garmin, I’ve drowned you in sweat. I had a Garmin Forerunner 210 for a couple of years; I bought it when I lost my enormous Forerunner 305, a silver and maroon housebrick of a device that I lost on holiday in Chiang Mai. (Well, mislaid: it showed up in a backpack a […]

  • For a more comfortable journey, ask for a courtesy sticker

    You can now ask for a courtesy sticker when you’re riding on the MRT in Singapore, so people will realise you need assistance and will make room for you, give up their place when they’re sitting in the reserved seating and they’re less pregnant/elderly/injured than you are. Which is a strange thing, because I doubt […]