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  • Tennis

    This morning, still crapulent from last night’s gin and stinking mightily, I took a taxi over to a friend’s condo in the East Coast. We were going to have a game of tennis; he’d played a game last year and I’d last played for an hour in Malaysia in 2015, and since then my tennis […]

  • Jazz: delicious hot, disgusting cold

    It’s the Singapore International Jazz Festival this weekend, and although the tickets are extortionately expensive and I’ve never been that big a fan of some old geezer parping on a saxophone or playing all the wrong notes on a piano or some sho-wop-a-booby-bop whatever or shooting up heroin in grainy black and white photos, my […]

  • Waiting for a number

    Tonight after work I went to collect my number for the marathon. I’ve done this lots of times before, in Singapore and round the world. The organiser rents the biggest hall they can find, fills half of it with vendors selling running-related tat, and the other half is full of volunteers handing out race numbers […]

  • Dinosaurs

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that all places, at all times, are envious of the South​ London suburb of Crystal Palace, and that given time, for any particular place, you’ll always be able to amass evidence to prove this.  And so that was that we went to Singapore’s attempt at the Hanging Gardens of […]

  • Somewhat rash

    This morning, after another slightly less than optimal sleep, I went for a run with a friend from work. My calves were sore from the MacRitchie run, but I figured an easy run might be the thing to work out the pains. Of course, because we’re undisciplined idiots, we ended up sprinting half the time […]

  • Ten miles

    With less than a week until my last race for months, I knew I needed to put some miles in.