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  • Seven Bays and seventeen year olds

    This morning I went to Seven Bays Bouldering, a climbing gym in Halifax on Gottingen Street, to climb with the teenage son of one of our friends from Dartmouth. Just like when I went to Dogpatch in San Francisco, the difficulty curve is super steep – there are a few almost derisorily easy routes, and…

  • Stupid life choices

    Today we went to see a friend in Little India, and spent the morning in a hipster café, the sole enclave of inauthentic ism in a street of fish noodle joints. Outside the café, sunbleached plastic chairs and dingy storefronts. Inside the café, an old Mini that had been bisected and turned into a sofa,…

  • Drunk on Sunday

    This afternoon we went to an arts-and-crafts fair in a bar near Boat Quay; a place where hipsters congregate to buy and sell t-shirts with owls on them, antique trinkets, and obscure footwear. A friend of ours who makes jewellery was selling some of her pieces, so we wanted to show our support.

  • MAAD for it

    Tonight we took our child to MAAD, a monthly art fair at the Red Dot Building, where hipsters sell each other bags with owls stenciled on them, reprints of advertising posters, and other things I don’t understand. Obviously it’s important to expose our child to these sorts of this from an early age.