Stupid life choices

Today we went to see a friend in Little India, and spent the morning in a hipster café, the sole enclave of inauthentic ism in a street of fish noodle joints. Outside the café, sunbleached plastic chairs and dingy storefronts. Inside the café, an old Mini that had been bisected and turned into a sofa, and cold brew tea. Which is just cold tea, as far as I can tell. 

I’ve given up sugar and caffeine for April, which makes me great fun to be around. It also leaves me at a loss as to what to drink; no tea, no coffee, no hot chocolate, not going to spend $7 on a bottle of water… So tap water it is, and nothing else. People must really be thrilled by my company. 

Still, the eggs were ok, although that was my second breakfast. That’s probably not optimal for any diet. 

Afterwards, we went home in a taxi where the driver didn’t know where Cantonment Road was; again, this is hardly an obscure road in the back of beyond, but every landmark nearby was met with total surprise. I sent my wife and La Serpiente on with him to a party in Sentosa (where he got lost dropping them off) while I put Destroyer to bed for her afternoon​ nap. 

Destroyer was unimpressed and screamed at me for her mother for ten minutes, then conked out. I sat down on my bed and (because no coffee or sugar) fell asleep for an hour, before the sound of a child screaming woke me up. Luckily, it wasn’t Destroyer so I worked on my novel until she did wake up, then took her to our local coffee shop, where neither she nor I could have anything to drink. Stupid life choices. 

Because La Serpiente had been to a party, she missed her nap today and was a raddled loon. We took her to the shops to buy frozen sausages (what a thrill today has been) and I reupped my supply of whey powder, then it was back home and putting them to bed as fast as we could. And so to bed…

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