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  • Halfway point

    My wife and La Serpiente have now been away in Tokyo for two days, and Destroyer is now asleep once more, so there’s just two days to go before I can be irresponsible again. Yesterday, I placated Destroyer’s demands by letting her watch Frozen as much as she wanted. I learned two hard lessons: “as […]

  • A series of “bonding experiences”

    Today was the first time I’ve had to handle both children on my own. Last year I managed three days in Taiwan with La Serpiente and didn’t kill her, so I was fairly confident I’d be able to cope while my wife was away in Bali this weekend, but when you double the size of […]

  • Economical Rice and angry babies

    On Monday, in the Kopitiam beneath K K Hospital, I found a branch of Economical Rice. I was going to make a joke about how they have made a science out of dismal food (zing!!!) but the sheer wilful madness of a food outlet that has menu items like “less rice” (how much less rice […]

  • Incapacitated

    Tonight my wife went out on the town, leaving me with the kids. This wasn’t too bad as it only took me two and a half hours to get Destroyer to go to sleep, leaving me the rest of the evening (from 11pm onward) to relax.