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  • Another weakened weekend in Hong Kong

    We got in late on Friday and had a couple of beers, and so on Saturday I revelled in the fact that I could sleep in past 9am, uninterrupted by children clambering into bed to demand cuddles/poke me in the eye with their diminutive fists. Hong Kong had been in the grip of a heatwave […]

  • Hungover Saturday

    My wife didn’t get in until very late last night, which left me up late worrying about salsa-related shenanigans, and just to prove low crime is not no crime, somebody had stolen her phone, which meant they’d also stolen her credit card and her ID card. The credit card is the easiest to stop, but […]

  • Holding the babies

    This morning I felt predictably dreadful, after drinking as much as I could last night and then sleeping on the floor next to Destroyer. (Neither she nor her sister woke up, so they were fresh and ready at 7 am to start yelling at us for entertainment.) I drank tea, I drank coffee, we took […]

  • Hard Times At Soft Play

    Hungover and feeling battered, I considered heading out to the parkrun this morning and leaving my wife to fend for herself with the kids, but I was much too crapulent and ended up staying in bed until 8:30. Eventually I got upright and we took the children down to the local playgym, Playkeroo, a somehow […]

  • Floundering

    Last night we went over to friends to drink booze and eat cheese, and play games. I haven’t had a drink since i got back from California in February (being abstemious as I train for the marathon) but I had one bottle of beer and that was enough to send me a bit sideways – […]

  • The Day After The Night Before

    I had an …. eventful night. My wife laughed at every remonstration and refused to get off the living room floor. Eventually I gave up, propped her up with a pillow, left her Destroyer’s water bottle to sip from, and wen track to bed. And after five minutes La Serpiente woke and came in to […]

  • Withdrawing from life

    Last night we went out for a friend’s birthday, first at a stunningly strange, art-deco inspired building constructed in the late 1990s (complete with a three storey stack of wine attended to by a ‘wine angel’ on a hoist pulled by a straining, possibly clockwork motor) and then on to an Italian restaurant behind a […]

  • Red red whine

    I got about four hours sleep last night before La Serpiente woke me up, and then I couldn’t sleep for another hour or so, and then I woke on the floor of the living room, drooling into a picture of Eeyore on the kids’ playmat, while La Serpiente lay on top of me, demanding I […]

  • Waking up in New York

    After last night’s drinking session, I woke up lying face down on my bed, all the lights blazing, fully dressed. So at least I didn’t die from too much booze.

  • After effects

    Last night was less raucous than I’d feared: I was home by midnight (although that was due to taking an early retreat from the fray – I don’t know when they finished, or where) but I was still fragile until about six this evening. Hangovers are horrible at my age, even vague ones from just […]