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  • A little bit lost

    I was invited to dinner at a work colleague’s condo. She lives at 03-01, which sounds like a reasonable address until you discover that her condo complex has 16 different lobbies, each with an apartment 03-01. And her phone is turned off.

  • Leaving Drinks At The Projector

    t was a friend’s leaving drinks tonight at the bar at the Projector, a hipster cinema in the Golden Mile Tower, so I went to see him after I’d read the girls their stories. Except I went to the Golden Mile Complex (my first visit in five-and-a-half years), which is next to the Golden Mile […]

  • Another long walk, spoiled

    Last night I went to see Justice League at the cinema in the Nu Sentral mall in Kuala Lumpur. I like going to the cinema when I get to KL because on the first night of a work trip, it’s a good antidote to the rigours of travel, and there’s a good burger joint nearby. […]

  • Fremantle to Margaret River

    This morning we packed up and left the apartment in Fremantle. I liked it: it had a nice view of the harbour from the balcony, the kitchen was nicely outfitted, the underfloor heating was awesome and the bed was enormous. But it wasn’t suitable for children – whether that was the steps everywhere for small […]

  • A series of bad decisions

    This afternoon I strapped La Serpiente into the running stroller and took her outside into mild drizzle, for a run around the Marina Bay. After the last run with my daughter, where I didn’t take any water, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. I was going to make a whole bunch of […]

  • Unwatched

    I put my watch down somewhere two days ago, and I’ve no idea where that was. I assume it was somewhere in the apartment, but we’ve turned almost everything upside down to no avail. La Serpiente tried to help, by taking everything out of my underwear drawer and throwing it on the floor, but sadly […]

  • What we talk about when we talk about loss

    My wife lost her phone today. She still had the ability to communicate with me because I read all my email on my phone, so she could cajole and plead with me to call her phone to help her find it. I rang it repeatedly to no avail, and eventually when I came home from […]

  • Late to the party

    Tonight I went to Lee Kwan Yoo’s house. By mistake. I don’t want you to think I visit the perpetual leader of Singapore on a regular basis. This kind of thing only happens when I get into a taxi and give vague directions.