Another long walk, spoiled

Last night I went to see Justice League at the cinema in the Nu Sentral mall in Kuala Lumpur. I like going to the cinema when I get to KL because on the first night of a work trip, it’s a good antidote to the rigours of travel, and there’s a good burger joint nearby. Unfortunately, I only had 16 ringgit and the burger place only took cash, *and* the nearest ATM is 5 floors down, so there was a lot of rushing around and sweating before I got to see the film, but it was two hours of costumed silliness with a plot that wasn’t as duff as Suicide Squad, and not so grimdark that all you wanted to do was die.
Then I tried to get back to my hotel. I’m staying at a hotel in Sentral, a short walk through the mall, across a bridge into the station, and out the other side. Except at midnight they close a big shutter between station and mall, and the film finished at 12:05, and so I had no way to cross over to my hotel. Oh, and my phone was dead so I’d left it charging in the hotel room.

I found my way out of the mall at street level on the other side of the station, and started walking in what I hoped was the right direction. It wasn’t.

I went through empty carparks. I walked along roads until the pavement ran out. I clambered over low walls, treading around homeless guys asleep under bridges, and I kept getting further and further from my hotel. The railway line cut off any hope of getting back, until after a kilometre or so I found a bridge, and began to trudge back.

Again, the pavement ran out. As I got to an onramp to the freeway. Even at 12:30 in the morning I didn’t fancy dashing across six lanes of traffic, so I descended a steep earth bank instead, almost fell down an enormous hole into an underpass, carried on walking past three or four more people passed out under a bridge, and finally caught sight of the building next to my hotel.

Still I wasn’t back. I had to walk all the way round the gyratory road system that ensnares Sentral station, and then through labyrinthine car parks, until at last I emerged in the lobby of my hotel. Excited or exhausted, I didn’t sleep until 1 this morning, and then survived the entire day on coffee and poor breakfast decisions. Next time, stay off the doughnuts.

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