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  • Imperial Apple Again

    Tonight, still suffering from a migraine and otherwise crapulent, I dragged myself over to the Imperial Apple massage parlour. Sadly, they don’t massage you with an apple, which would have been much less painful than somebody grinding my face into a bed for an hour and trying to pull my arms and legs off. I […]

  • The Kneadmaster

    My wife and I celebrate two anniversaries every year – or at least have two different significant dates to overlook. There’s our wedding on the 30th of July, and there’s also the 1st of March, the day we started dating. I’ve been horribly disorganised this year, whereas my wife was organised enough to have bought […]

  • Painful Friday Night

    I got home this evening with stiff, sore shoulders and I thought the remedy for this would be to go and have a relaxing massage. Instead, I went and had a massage. I went to the Imperial Apple Spa, which is just a few streets away from our flat, and seems to have been named […]

  • A stressful massage

    This afternoon we went for massages in Seminyak. Or rather, everyone else went for a massage while I minded La Serpiente Aquatica Negra. Unfortunately, as soon as my wife disappeared into the massage room, my daughter began to howl and didn’t really stop for the next hour.

  • Something that should be enjoyable

    This evening we went for a massage. That’s something that is either wonderfully relaxing and a blessing for aching limbs, or an awful lot of pain, depending on how well my face fits into the hole in the massage table. Tonight, the latter. I couldn’t get my head in the right place, or perhaps the […]

  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese

    My wife and I had a 90 minute massage today. I’d had a trying day where everything was twice as difficult as necessary, and she’s pregnant, so we needed some respite. I didn’t realise how potent an hour and a half’s massage, followed up by a pizza, could be. I’m not so much relaxed now […]