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  • Another descent

    The morning started well, with La Serpiente arguing with our hosts’ boy about the merits of toast vs bread. “Toast is yucky. ” “Toast is not yucky” for half an hour straight. Not long after that, the truck came to take us to the airport, and from there it was a slog through customs followed […]

  • Warm and fuzzy

    It took me two hours to get from the office to Narita airport. I got a taxi from Roppongi at 5pm and then had half an hour of stress as the circuitous route we took to the railway station felt like it was going on as long as driving to Narita would have taken, even […]

  • There and back again

    Coming back through Narita I was suffused with a dreadful feeling of deja vu, until I realized I’d been in the exact spot just four days before, standing in a line to have my carry-on bags rescanned as I transferred from one flight to another. This time round I had an extra suspect package, a […]