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  • A bit of yelling and shouting

    Today was La Serpiente’s first day back to school, and she was exemplary; no mucking about on the bus, no complaining that her best friend from last year (Ali, now back in Japan) was absent, no drama when her shoe shelf at school was moved. I beetled off to work calm and content. In her […]

  • Caught napping, not napping

    This morning, after an interminable night of La Serpiente tossing and turning, culminating in her sleeping on my lap on the living room couch for three hours, we went out to the Ballard Farmers Market and I bought chocolate, doughnuts, coffee and an enormous oversized sweater for La Serpiente. Then we all went home and […]

  • Clearing the air

    I was rather surprised this morning when I found that instead of having back to back calls from 7:30 until midday, almost all my meetings had been cancelled. Rather than be on the phone from home from the moment I got out of bed until lunchtime, I could have breakfast at a sensible hour and […]

  • Not getting to the end of the week fast enough

    Today started with our daughter getting very, very angry with her parents. At breakfast, she saw a jar of puffed brocolli and corn snacks on the kitchen counter. These aren’t the most unhealthy of foods – think of them as Wotsits made by granola-loving hippies. But they’re not what we want her to have for […]

  • Going to sleep

    Today I got La Serpiente Aquatica Negra to go to sleep again. After we’d had a drawn-out breakfast of egg, egg and more egg, she was resistant to the idea of a nap in the morning. While feeding, she’s taken to slapping at her mother’s chest; you have to show some respect for the milk […]

  • Competitive Dad

    I slept badly last night; half awake at one a.m., I was startled by the wind blowing the bedroom door open, and had to traipse around our flat persuading myself there was no mad axeman hiding in the cupboard under the sink. I got no more than five hours sleep before it was time to […]

  • Feeding & Sleeping

    Today, I was reading about baby-led weaning. Instead of providing your child with pureed mush, you give them pieces of proper food to eat. This is meant to help them learn how to eat properly, and encourage manual dexterity as instead of being spoonfed, they have to get the food into their mouths independently. Now, […]