A bit of yelling and shouting

Today was La Serpiente’s first day back to school, and she was exemplary; no mucking about on the bus, no complaining that her best friend from last year (Ali, now back in Japan) was absent, no drama when her shoe shelf at school was moved. I beetled off to work calm and content.

In her new schedule, she doesn’t get a nap at school so she was exhausted and fractious this evening but then went to sleep in less than 5 minutes. That was handy because I had an interview at 8pm and so I could hand off Destroyer to my wife (45 minutes to stop mucking about and go to sleep) and talk to my candidate in peace.

Then all that was left was to almost choke to death on a creatine pill and then go for a long run around the bay, coming back just in time for La Serpiente’s second wake up, when she hit her nose one her bed and wailed forlornly while I tried to get her down. Oh, what a night.

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