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  • The Secrets Of Drearcliff Grange School

    To confuse myself, I read the sequel (The Haunting Of Drearcliff Grange) first, but then devoured The Secrets on my way to Singapore. It’s amusing that what I took from the sequel to be the big story of the first book, turns out to be something that doesn’t happen in the first book at all; […]

  • The Haunting Of Drearcliff Grange School

    The Haunting Of Drearcliff Grange School is the second book Kim Newman has written about a fictional girls school, a cross between St Trinians and either Hogwarts or Professor X’s Academy For Gifted Mutants. Like all Newman’s work, it’s a glorious mashup of B movies, comic books and characters like Dr Shade that Newman made […]

  • A bit of yelling and shouting

    Today was La Serpiente’s first day back to school, and she was exemplary; no mucking about on the bus, no complaining that her best friend from last year (Ali, now back in Japan) was absent, no drama when her shoe shelf at school was moved. I beetled off to work calm and content. In her […]

  • Up and down and up and down again

    Last night I had a long, slow run where I ran up Mount Faber and then down the other side, and then slowly jogged home. Tonight was a hill session, which should have been a short, sharp shock and then home again, but since Singapore is pretty flat, the closest hill to our flat is […]

  • A visit to the teacher

    This afternoon I had my first parent teacher meeting. I skipped lunch in order to free up some time, and at 3:30, just as they were serving up chocolate éclairs in the office to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I was rushing down the fire escape to catch a taxi to Tiong Bahru. I wasn’t really sure […]

  • A round of applause for the proud father

    La Serpiente slept badly, as suspected, and at some time in the morning I ended up having to sleep on her floor so she didn’t get lonely, which meant I woke up with her cuddling me, although she was quite angry to be awake. I made my wife her coffee, but forgot to boil the […]

  • A second first day

    Today was the second time that La Serpiente Aquatica Negra started at school. My wife spent yesterday writing our firstborn’s name onto all her possessions – sun hat, water bottle, clothes, nappies, 26 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica, etc etc – in accordance with the school guidelines. The first time that La Serpiente started at […]

  • School’s out

    School didn’t last so long for La Serpiente Aquatica Negra. I suppose the risk of having a wife with ten years of teaching experience is that she’s less tolerant of a poor quality product. The school we had put our daughter in had a few problems that only became apparent when she sat in on […]

  • Bad Words

    With an hour and 29 minutes to go before landing this morning, I started watching Bad Words, a film that is 90 minutes long. This was an unintelligent decision, particularly as I had to pause the film for several minutes to shepherd our daughter up and down the aisle. Tonight, after reading to our baby, […]