A round of applause for the proud father

La Serpiente slept badly, as suspected, and at some time in the morning I ended up having to sleep on her floor so she didn’t get lonely, which meant I woke up with her cuddling me, although she was quite angry to be awake.

I made my wife her coffee, but forgot to boil the water. Apparently that gives quite a mellow taste. This didn’t seem like an auspicious start though.

I had a call at 8 which I rushed through, then carried her down to the bus stop just in time to catch the 75 to Tiong Bahru. Her friend Aoi wasn’t on the bus, which presaged something bad: on her own, she’s much harder to persuade to walk to work than when she has a friend to hold the hand of.

And so it was today. Shouting and tears and trying to ascend me while I tried to explain that we walk to school now, we don’t get carried the whole way there.

“I want to be carried” she howled.

“If I carry you, I’ll turn you upside down, and you won’t like that” I told her.

“Carry me” was the inevitable and plaintive reply.

Now, I know she hates being inverted, so I figured this might be good aversion therapy to constant demands for carriage, so I picked her up and put her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, head dangling down my back. The five men eating breakfast at the restaurant we’d been standing outside broke out into applause as I marched off down the street.

And now she wants to go upside down. This is literally a topsy turvy world.

Everything else went like clockwork: I deposited her on time, bought a croissant, caught a cab, and got in the lift to the office without a single pause. Onwards, ever upwards.

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