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  • Natural History and Unnatural Fear

    We took the girls to South Kensington today to visit a museum. I’d have liked to have gone to the V&A, but a collection of priceless ceramics is not the best place for two small girls who want to run and jump as much as they can. The Science Museum is the furthest from the […]

  • Pasir Ris Park

    This morning we went to Pasir Ris Park. Pasir Ris is right at the end of the East West MRT line, so the name had a passing familiarity, although it’s never somewhere I’d been before. I wasn’t feeling that great: two hard days of running behind me, and we’d been out til midnight at a […]

  • Following Orders

    [Warning: contains scenes of a scatological nature] Today La Serpiente woke up at 7:30 and made clear her demands: she wanted to go to have a croissant at the French bakery in Tiong Bahru, then eggs at Ronin, then go to a park. Normally on a Sunday morning I’d be a mortal wreck, or out […]

  • Getting reacquainted with the kids

    After a 1am phone call this morning, I was pretty groggy. I woke about 9, had another call at 10, then got ushered into the garden to play with La Serpiente. Just as a chill wind began to blow and freezing rain poured down upon us. La Serpiente was quite happy though, because she had […]

  • Discovery Park

    This morning we rose bright and early, and then I fell straight back to sleep and didn’t get out of bed until 9. We wandered through Ballard to a bakery close to our friend’s place, then walked back and had breakfast, before heading over to Discovery Park for a short walk.

  • Crystal Palace Park

    One problem with not sleeping on the flight from Halifax to London is that you arrive fairly ruined, so although I profited by watching The Great Gatsby and Monsters University, I suffered from being so tired that I kept forgetting that I’d watched The Great Gatsby, which left me worrying about what on earth I’d […]