Getting reacquainted with the kids

After a 1am phone call this morning, I was pretty groggy. I woke about 9, had another call at 10, then got ushered into the garden to play with La Serpiente. Just as a chill wind began to blow and freezing rain poured down upon us. La Serpiente was quite happy though, because she had a trowel and could use it to flick mud all over her father as he stood there, clutching an umbrella and hoping he wouldn’t get blown away.

Since I returned, La Serpiente has been a lot ruder and disobedient. I didn’t notice because it didn’t feel like she was any more intransigent than usual, but apparently she’d been a model citizen until I reappeared, her cue to start acting up. Oh dear. I suppose it’s a cry for attention. Or a welcome back.

It’s not been 24-7 hell, just certain ridiculousness, like a crying fit when she had to put her shoes on to go out. I was still out of it in the afternoon, so at 3 we went out for a walk and a coffee, seeing a huge rainbow as we wandered to the high street:

We had coffee at a small shop on the high street, then walked back to the Beckenham Recreation Ground. La Serpiente ran around like a small lunatic, eventually doing laps of the drained swimming pool before being loaded back on my shoulders and then carried home.

As a worried parent, I don’t much like playgrounds, partly after La Serpiente flung herself onto gravel in Nova Scotia last year, and partly because when she was pushed in a swing today, she seemed to be doing her level best to fall out of the swing and land on her head. La Serpiente enjoys riding on my head almost as much as death-defying feats around swingsets, but the trouble is that she demands I trot and skip while she’s riding me, and that’s how I ended up needing a week of physiotherapy in the summer.

We got home and then had the back-breaking work that is wrapping Christmas presents, before putting the children to bed. La Serpiente decided today was the day to practise her front crawl in the bath, and so to a chant of “paddle paddle kick kick!” she sprayed water everywhere until I persuaded her it was time to have her bedtime stories. I began to wish I’d gone to the pub again, and then instead went downstairs and filled myself with cheese and wine. The festivities start here.

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