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  • Christmas 2017

    This Christmas morning, I awoke at 7:30, still mostly unconscious, and struggled through the first hour of child handling, before we ventured out in search of coffee. We limited the children to only making a few dents in the cornucopia of presents under the tree: they could open what was in their stockings, plus one […]

  • It’s a cracker

    At our office Christmas lunch today, one of my co-workers asked me what a Christmas cracker was. I was surprised that she didn’t know, but then more surprised at myself for assuming that everyone would know what a Christmas cracker is, especially as my co-worker is Indian and if Christmas crackers were a Victorian invention, […]

  • Santasaurus

    When I took La Serpiente to the library on Saturday, she picked out various unsuitable books (notably Where’s Walrus?, a book entirely lacking in any words whatsoever, and which she demands I ‘read’ every night) and also Santasaurus, a book that is inappropriate not only because it is set at Christmastime, when we’re in the […]

  • At the library

    I was gutted when I got to the borrowing station in Queenstown Library today, to find I could only borrow 8 books. This was because I’d amassed a pile of 13 books, a heady combination of Elephant & Piggie, Here Comes ______ Cat, and copious dinosaur, wild animal and nap-related volumes for La Serpiente. We’d […]

  • Christmas 2015

    This was the first Christmas we’ve spent in England in years. In fact, when I reviewed all the previous Christmases in my blog (and here and here), I realised that the last time I was in England for Christmas was in 2008, before I even started dating my wife. Have we neglected another Christmas tradition […]

  • Getting reacquainted with the kids

    After a 1am phone call this morning, I was pretty groggy. I woke about 9, had another call at 10, then got ushered into the garden to play with La Serpiente. Just as a chill wind began to blow and freezing rain poured down upon us. La Serpiente was quite happy though, because she had […]

  • Christmas Party

    Tonight was our staff Christmas party, held in a restaurant in the Botanic Gardens. I missed last year’s party because I was in Washington State (trying to sleep while La Serpiente attempted to deafen me), so I had nothing to judge this against. The last Christmas party I went to was on the roof of […]

  • Christmas 2014

    We failed to continue several traditions this year. We didn’t get out for an early morning walk in the park (although we did go for a walk near our flat, and saw some chickens). Our daughter didn’t turn her tongue black by trying to eat Christmas cards. And my wife didn’t make cinnamon rolls that […]

  • Preliminary overindulgence

    Tonight I ate an entire bag of Kettle Chips. I blame my wife for this, because she bought two huge bags of the upmarket crisps home today, and she knew I had willpower deficiencies. I didn’t enjoy eating them after a quarter of the way into the packet, but compulsively I carried on well after […]

  • Christmas

    We got up at eight this morning; Felicity had been pretty compliant in the night and allowed us to get some sleep before her six-month-a-versary. My wife had decided to make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but due to an unfortunately complicated recipe, we’d failed to prepare the yeast properly last night and the dough […]