Christmas Party

Tonight was our staff Christmas party, held in a restaurant in the Botanic Gardens. I missed last year’s party because I was in Washington State (trying to sleep while La Serpiente attempted to deafen me), so I had nothing to judge this against. The last Christmas party I went to was on the roof of my old office building, with a drunk man standing in a children’s paddling pool full of cans of beer.

This year there was lots of booze. Lots of booze. With my previous company there was no drinking game where when somebody drops a coin in your drink, you have to down it. As a result, everyone was fairly ruined by mid evening. By the time we got to the bar over the road from Club Famous (a heinous looking windowless bar that was probably full of hostesses) we had people vomiting left right and centre.

Or maybe they didn’t like the DJ’s choice of unimaginative and frankly depressing house music. I was immune to this, drunk on rum and wine and gin, but still so sober that I spent some time outside trying to persuade the youngsters to vomit neatly.

And so to bed. Looks like I’m missing the parkrun tomorrow again.


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