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  • Off we go again…

    It’s important to prepare for a long flight by being rested and hydrated, which was why when I went to the office Christmas party last night, I was doublefisting champagne for the first hour, and then on the wasabi martinis after that.

  • Partied out

    This morning I awoke feeling crapulent, apparently the result of one pint of beer last night. We went downstairs to a 4th birthday party in the mezzanine area of our building, on an incredibly hot, humid day. The girls ran around playing with water pistols, or drew with chalk on the ground, or slid around in puddles of […]

  • Sarong Party Girls

    Leaving Seattle this evening, I strayed into the Hudson News and was distracted by the bright red cover of Sarong Party Girls, along with the 40% off sticker. Regretfully, it was in hardback but I had my Kindle with me and downloaded a copy to read on the plane. (Sorry, Hudson News, but my back […]

  • Happy birthday La Serpiente

    To celebrate La Serpiente’s third birthday, we took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax and spent a fortune on outdoor gear at MEC. What says “happy birthday” better than seeing your father try on five different pairs of shoe, and then purchase an ice-cream maker in the shape of a football? Well, La Serpiente was […]

  • Early Birthday Party

    “It’s a machine” La Serpiente cooed, as she unwrapped her first birthday present this morning. (As she’s going to have her birthday in Canada, we thought we’d spread the gift giving out over this week – and all the way through until we get to England.) I’d wrapped up an instant camera I was given […]

  • All over the place

    I slept through my alarm today and only woke up 40 minutes before the start of the race, with La Serpiente yelling from her bed, so I had to sprint out the door, still half-cut from last night’s drinking and pedal as fast as I could to get to the race on time. And then […]

  • The balloon goes up

    This afternoon we went to a party for friends’ new baby, and that meant lots of cake for La Serpiente, which meant lots of whirling and scampering. There were also balloons. La Serpiente was soon clamouring desperately for a balloon of her own, and our hosts kindly let her choose one.

  • Christmas Party

    Tonight was our staff Christmas party, held in a restaurant in the Botanic Gardens. I missed last year’s party because I was in Washington State (trying to sleep while La Serpiente attempted to deafen me), so I had nothing to judge this against. The last Christmas party I went to was on the roof of […]

  • Selamat Hari Raya

    I struck up a conversation with the guy sat next to me on the last flight I took to Tokyo, and we stayed in touch; he had a son about the same age as La Serpiente Aquatica Negra and he was interesting enough to talk to for six hours. He’s moving back to Canada with […]

  • Early birthday

    It’s La Serpiente Aquatica Negra’s second birthday on Thursday, but as her sibling could make an appearance any time now, we thought it best to schedule the party for this weekend. Also, she’s been chanting “happy birthday” for days now, so there was a demand we had to appease.