All over the place

I slept through my alarm today and only woke up 40 minutes before the start of the race, with La Serpiente yelling from her bed, so I had to sprint out the door, still half-cut from last night’s drinking and pedal as fast as I could to get to the race on time. And then spend 45 minutes scanning barcodes, before returning home on my bike. I suppose that was at least an hour of exercise I got today.

We had a birthday party to go to at Sentosa today, in a water park called the Port Of Lost Wonder, which is a terrible name even before they abbreviated it everywhere to POLW. Also, I seemed to spend all my time getting sprayed with freezing cold water by a series of different urchins, leaving me enraged and frustrated, as you can’t punch eight year olds in the face without a severe reprimand. Ah well. There was cake, though.

La Serpiente then napped from 2 until 4, a disastrous event as it meant we didn’t get to the library until late, didn’t get home again until later, bedtime was 9ish and we had no time to ourselves afterwards except to sit on the sofa in silence, shell shocked. Damn it, kids.

I started reading a Neil Gaiman book, The Ocean At The End Of The Road, today (when we had to return it or get stung for late fees) and it’s much better than The Marauders, which I finished today (depressing sub-Elmore Leonard genre fiction set in the Lousiana bayou with occasional magical realism), but instead of renewing the loan, I borrowed the large print edition instead. I guess that will be easier on tired eyes. We also borrowed ten or so more books for La Serpiente, including a good book about a heroic frog, a few cookbooks for my wife, and an Elmer board book for Destroyer, so that was a good haul.

I resolved that I’d sleep better in April – so far, that’s not going too well. I also said I’d put in something that I read about running every day. Well, one day out of 2 so far isn’t bad…

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