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  • A deserved journey to hell: Port Of Lost Souls

    As they say, karma is a bitch. Or rather, if you make your children weep with sadness, you’re going to have to go to a water park.

  • Not too much fun at the waterpark

    This afternoon we went to the Gardens By The Bay to meet friends at the children’s play area. Before going there, we popped over to the Star Wars event, where there were some demented cosplayers dressed in heavy black uniforms from top to toe, just the thing for tropical weather. La Serpiente decided she was […]

  • Easter Sunday

    La Serpiente had a 39 degree fever last night, and spent all of today zonked out on the sofa. That meant she missed out on her first Easter egg hunt; Destroyer went out and found an egg stuffed full of sugary treats, and spent the next two hours demanding more chocolate eggs from me ("egg! […]

  • All over the place

    I slept through my alarm today and only woke up 40 minutes before the start of the race, with La Serpiente yelling from her bed, so I had to sprint out the door, still half-cut from last night’s drinking and pedal as fast as I could to get to the race on time. And then […]

  • Night manoeuvres

    At about two or three this morning, La Serpiente woke up. I heard a bang and a crash as she made her way out of her room and she grabbed her milk from the fridge. Because we know we’re not compos mentis at six a.m. when she wakes and demands lactose-based goodness, we’ve been filling […]

  • Swimming Lessons

    Today we visited a friend of mine from university, up at her house near Seletar Airport. She lives in the far north of Singapore, where housing is cheap and big because nobody wants to live somewhere so remote that it can take half an hour to drive to the centre of town. Her house is […]

  • Drowned Hopes

    I’ve just finished Drowned Hopes, the seventh of the Dortmunder series. After what had felt like diminishing quality in some of the later novels, this was a welcome return to form. The location shifts again, from the New York City settings of the previous few stories, to a quiet town in upstate New York – […]