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  • Dreams and fluffy octopuses

    Last night I slept a solid seven and a half hours, probably helped by being brain numbingly exhausted after only getting an hour’s sleep the night before. I woke from an upsetting dream about drowning in mud, and went out for another half hour run. This time it was much later, so I encountered runners, […]

  • 2013 Christmas Video

  • The dripping of winter noses, and misadventures in time and shopping

    I’ve come down with a head cold, which is a somewhat miserable thing to happen. I’d hoped Singapore’s heat and humidity would mean this would be one disease I wouldn’t suffer, but despite having my sinuses in a perpetual steam bath, I’m still bunged up, woozy headed, and dripping. That’s right, dripping. Without a tissue […]

  • My Two Lunches

    Today I was taken out for lunch, to Shoebox Canteen, just around the corner from the office. There’s not space for many people to eat at once, but if you can get a table, you get served quickly. The menu isn’t extensive, but that’s also a good thing as it reduces humming and hawing over […]

  • Things To See And Do In San Francisco

    Today I took my wife and child to the Betabrand shop on Valencia, where we had a charming photo taken with Santa The Hutt. Betabrand is a clothing startup that uses the internet to sell you things like horizontal corduroy trousers and hoodies that have been designed using military technology. It’s an interesting collision of […]