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  • Western Australian Open 2019

    This morning I got up early, feeling some trepidation, and had a quick breakfast before getting a taxi to South Perth. I was heading to a community building in the middle of a large sports field, to play Blood Bowl all day.

  • Back to Perth

    This morning I had to conduct an interview and then spend time chasing up an appointment for my MRI, so I worked from home, planning to go straight to the airport. But then at the last moment I found I had to go to the office, so I somewhat frantically packed the last things into […]

  • Last Day In Perth

    I woke at 6 this morning, La Serpiente curled up against me, sunlight streaming in through the blinds we had forgotten to close last night. Thankfully, my daughter went off to entertain herself and I got a bit more sleep before going downstairs to start the day. We packed and were out of the house […]

  • Fremantle

    This morning we drove into Fremantle and had breakfast at Moore & Moore, a hipster cafe off the High Street. Then we went two doors down the street to Paper Bird, a children’s bookshop where Destroyer grew obsessed by a book about bums and screamed blue murder when we left without it. I was tempted […]

  • Back to Rottnest Island

    We went back to Rottnest Island today, almost a year after the first time we went there. We even went back to the Rottnest Hotel, where, as La Serpiente told my parents, “an eagle pooped in Daddy’s beer“. Well, it was a seagull and I had almost finished the pint, but it’s nice to see […]

  • Caversham Wildlife Park

    On our first morning in Perth, we walked down Leach Highway (which sounds like a road somewhere in Singapore, the Lee Chi Way) and had breakfast, before making La Serpiente cry by refusing to buy her a $25 toy unicorn that she was bound to forget about in a week. Then we walked home again, […]

  • Fremantle to Margaret River

    This morning we packed up and left the apartment in Fremantle. I liked it: it had a nice view of the harbour from the balcony, the kitchen was nicely outfitted, the underfloor heating was awesome and the bed was enormous. But it wasn’t suitable for children – whether that was the steps everywhere for small […]

  • A day out on Rottnest Island

    One of the last things we did on Rottnest was to get lunch at the Hotel Rottnest, which has a children’s menu adorned with a truly terrifying picture of some demonic animal. That animal is the quokka, which is a cat-sized marsupial, now only found on Rottnest and Albany Islands. And that animal was why […]

  • Beer and shit

    Tuvalu was an island that famously had an economy built on birdshit; over centuries, it became deeply covered in guano, which was then sold as a highly effective fertiliser, making the people of Tuvalu both rich and a great case study for affluence-induced Type II diabetes, but now as I understand it, the bottom has […]

  • Getting to Perth

    Today was La Serpiente’s and Destroyer’s first visit to Australia; after last night’s TV marathon, they went straight to bed, so this morning we woke them up, hosed them down and then went off to the airport. We flew with Scoot, because they were cheap. Scoot fly 787s, which is cool, because I’ve never flown […]