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  • Ante-natal #4

    After the scissors and forceps horror of last week, this week’s class was all about breast milk, which was much calmer and relaxing. Babies like warm milk; possibly that’s how Starbucks have made their billions, by pandering to the infantile tendencies in their customers. You never see babies with a doppio espresso and a unfiltered…

  • Ante-natal #3

    Wednesday comes, and with it another visit to Tanglin Mall. This week, after being taught about the miracle of childbirth in the first two weeks (protip: gravity is your friend), we were treated to Some Of The Things You Might Prefer To Avoid.

  • Ante-natal #2

    This evening we had our second ante-natal class. I think I’d recovered from the shock of last week’s discovery about the sheer impracticality of childbirth, and I felt a bit more prepared for the next set of revelations. This week was all about pain treatment, and some of the awkward ways that a baby will…

  • Ante-natal #1

    This evening my wife and I went to our first ante-natal class, above a shopping mall near Orchard Road. I was failing to thrive on three hours’ sleep, so the Miracle of Childbirth seemed even more impractical than I’d previously suspected. Are you really meant to fit babies through such inconvenient passages?