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  • The Day After The Night Before Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year went off with the usual bang; the fireworks began at about 11:30, and our daughter woke up about 11:45, her wailing partly drowned out by the continued explosions. The partying still felt restrained compared to two years ago (a rocket full of Chinese people shouting the words to Gangnam Style as they […]

  • Quiet Friday night

    It’s now a week since I last had a cup of coffee. I think I’d feel better, if I hadn’t been working such idiotic hours. With wife and child away, there’s not much to make me go home in the evenings, and there isn’t anything to stop me from starting work at 7am either. I […]

  • SingPost Ninjas

    Singapore has many wonderful things, not least of which is its postal service, SingPost. SingPost employ a crack team of ninjas to deliver large packages, capable of coming to the door of your apartment undetected, and then leaving again without a trace, except for a card in your mailbox, notifying you that they tried to […]