Quiet Friday night

It’s now a week since I last had a cup of coffee. I think I’d feel better, if I hadn’t been working such idiotic hours. With wife and child away, there’s not much to make me go home in the evenings, and there isn’t anything to stop me from starting work at 7am either. I left the office at 6:30 today and rushed home, frying up some asparagus and mushrooms to eat with a plate of pasta, desperate to get this done before I collapsed into the slough of web surfing that a man alone in the house might fall prey to.

I still lost an hour and a half of my life surfing the internet, looking in vain for something interesting, but at least I did it with a full stomach.

Tomorrow I have an early start: I’m getting up at 6, to head over to MacRitchie for another attempt to beat my personal best. I haven’t been there for months (once since Costa Rica in March, I think) so I’m hoping to surprise myself with my increased fitness, rather than with my reduced abilities. We’ll have to see about that.

Other than that, a rather boring Friday night, after I’d had my evening Skype with my wife and ever-cherubic daughter. I sat in front of the TV, ate some chocolate I’d found in the fridge (hurray for Theo’s) and tried not to fall asleep too early. I had a little forage for my iPod, which I last remember seeing about two months ago, and otherwise achieved nothing. Tomorrow, when I get home from my run I have a busy day: time to tidy the house, pack for a two week trip away, practice my Spanish, and remember to sleep as well.

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