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  • Praying Mantises

    This afternoon I went for a run, for the first time in eons. I think I did a Parkrun earlier this year, but today I waited until it was ludicrously hot, and after I was tired from a day of taking the kids to museums and swimming lessons, and then finally went out. I wasn’t […]

  • A game of two halves

    This morning, I got up, went out for a couple of coffees with one of my friends and had a pleasant hour discussing the ethics of charitable donations and the philosophy of mathematics, and topped that off with an hour of climbing and then some cheese. Then I relaxed at home until 2, when my […]

  • Slow start to the week

    The girls both came into our room by five this morning, so I went and slept on Destroyer’s bed. Somehow, even though we moved super sluggishly, I was out the door with La Serpiente by 8, which gave us ample time to take the bus to Tiong Bahru, feed her an entire pain au chocolat, […]

  • First day back

    I woke up today at six, after eight gloriously uninterrupted hours of sleep. I went for a run, proving to myself for the umpteenth time that fifteen hours of sitting on a plane isn’t a performance enhancer. Still, I managed to jog around a five kilometre loop that ended just by the 24 hour supermarket, […]

  • Clearing the air

    I was rather surprised this morning when I found that instead of having back to back calls from 7:30 until midday, almost all my meetings had been cancelled. Rather than be on the phone from home from the moment I got out of bed until lunchtime, I could have breakfast at a sensible hour and […]

  • Parasites Like Us

    This story begins some years after the turn of the millenium, back when gangs were persecuted, back before we all joined one. I’ve started reading Parasites Like Us, a recent addition to the Singapore National Library (despite being published in 2004). It’s quite hard work – I’m not sure if that’s because I’m tired, or […]

  • The Peril of Singapore’s Library System

    Today we paid for membership to Singapore’s libraries. (If you’re Singaporean you get access for free, if you’re a permanent resident it’s ten dollars a year, but for foreign trash like myself, it’s fifty dollars.) Singapore has some great libraries. We were at the National Library, which, although underground is light and airy, and has […]

  • In the mail

    Our old landlord came round to our flat tonight, bearing a bag filled with mail that had been delivered to our old flat. Copious bank statements, two credit cards, communications from the Isle of Man and from the US, a new frequent flyer card and three issues of the London Review Of Books. Now I […]

  • A little bit of evening culture

    Today my legs were still sore from running MacRitchie at the weekend, so instead of going for a run after work I went home, and put my wallet down in the wrong place in the apartment, and then spent an hour looking for it, while my wife watched Sherlock on TV and I mumbled about […]

  • Stormy morning

    After an unsettled night, I woke to a thunderstorm. The sky to the northeast was an angry reddish grey, threatening a drenching, and by six thirty the thunder was booming and the rain pouring down. It was the sort of storm my wife loves, though she’s half the world away and not able to appreciate […]