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  • Blurred

    The first day in the resort is drawing to a close. From my bungalow up on the hill, I can hear the pounding of music from the bar down on the beach; it’s only about 10pm local time, so that might continue for a while yet. The low-level thudding of what sounds like the first […]

  • A power cut leads to self-reflection

    As I lay on the sofa, reading the first chapter of The Luminaries, there was a pop, like a balloon bursting, but quieter, and all the lights in the house went out. The room was still illuminated by the glow of the television, and for a moment I stayed on the sofa, surprised that the […]

  • Laziness

    I’m getting lazier. This evening, after successfully bathing our daughter, instead of making the effort to cook a decent meal, I fried an egg and some vegetarian sausages, drenched them in mustard and wolfed them down. Perhaps through guilt, or fear of salmonella, I fried the egg far too long and far too hot, providing […]

  • Short Long Run

    Your long run should only be about 20% of the total distance that you cover in a week. That’s partly to prevent some intrepid (but idiotic) wanabee marathoner from trying to jog round the park once every evening, then make up his (and it’s pretty much always a male) mileage by running 60 miles on […]

  • Among other things, smug

    I was rather pleased with myself today, when I got talking to an account manager who was looking at some advertising campaigns I’d set up, and was wondering which development agency I’d worked with to get that. I almost felt embarrassed that it was the work of me and my army of terrifying spreadsheets, not […]

  • Rush job

    This morning I had arranged to meet a friend for a run, so I didn’t drink any beer last night. I used to carb-load on lager, but my wife/coach told me not to, and so I thought when I got up this morning, I’d be hearty and hale. Somehow, I was still hungover even though […]