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  • ASICS Relay 2017

    A month or two ago, I signed up as part of a team to run the ASICS Relay in Singapore. I like relay races because they usually mean a much shorter distance, so the ratio of fun to pain is better, and it’s more exciting and more communal an experience than just a bunch of […]

  • Akira Road Relay 2017

    Just as for the last three years, this afternoon I headed off to Bedok Reservoir for a 3.8km relay race, organised in fairly shambolic, yet very bureaucratic fashion. This time around I brought wife and kids (last year they stayed at home, and previously La Serpiente had accompanied me). Bedok is quite far out (in […]

  • Another run around the reservoir

    I almost didn’t make it to the race today. I’d called for a taxi with plenty of time to spare, but when I got in the driver denied all knowledge of our destination. “Bedok” I said. “Where?” “Bedok” I said again. “You show me?” I’m not driving a taxi, and Bedok is well known around […]

  • Track and Field, 2015

    I ate something that disagreed with me in no uncertain terms yesterday; I have that to blame for feeling terrible yesterday, and then all sorts of upsetting and embarrassing behaviour when I made it out of bed at noon today. But you don’t want to read about all that crap. I was upset the haze […]

  • Akira Road Race Relay

    Today was the day of the Akira Road Race Relay. This is a yearly event run in the park around Bedok Reservoir, and gets its name from the sponsors, a Singaporean manufacturer of electric goods such as toaster ovens, blenders, rice cookers, steamboat dishes, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, etc etc, ad infinitum. That means that […]

  • Relaying

    Today it rained for a few minutes, long enough to wash some of the haze from the air, and so the relay race this afternoon wasn’t called off. After my Spanish lesson, I headed back home, stopping only to buy a chocolate bar on the way. When I paid for it, the guy on the […]