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  • Leaving in a rush

    On Friday, my manager wished me safe travels, hoping I wouldn’t miss my flight because I was too busy playing Blood Bowl. Obviously, the first thing I did on waking this morning was to carefully pack and prepare for my flight this evening. In some parallel universe.

  • And out again

    It’s Thursday, so here’s my usual thousand yard stare, except today it’s not from an hour of swimming, it’s from the stress of trying to make it through security and immigration at Suvarnabhumi and get to my gate in less than 45 minutes.

  • Flat out

    I’m exhausted today. Maybe it was the last three days’ exercise catching up with me, maybe it was working in the office past the time that the air conditioning switches off, or maybe it was the rain storm that caught me out on the way home (and then turned into a proper thunderstorm after I […]

  • Track progress?

    Tonight my routine was a complete mess: having spent all day feeling crapulent, I left the office five minutes late, to meet an overheating daughter who I had to dunk swiftly in the bath before rushing out to the track. No leaden cheese sandwich anchors my stomach tonight, just a handful of energy blocks, plastic […]