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  • Wins and losses

    This was my last Sunday with my family before they fly away and I don’t see them for a month, so I took Destroyer and La Serpiente out for pancakes, and after that went off climbing. Serving me right for this neglect of fatherly duties, my scooter skidded after I’d gone over a bit of…

  • Snoqualmie and Leavenworth

    After yesterday’s grumpy taxi driver, I was pleased to meet with a very friendly Hertz rep when I went to pick up the hire car. Perhaps he was so happy because he upsold me to a larger car (a Toyota Camry) or to buy oodles of insurance. Still, as we have so much luggage I…

  • The Flying Muffler

    As promised to her, we took our daughter to see the Flying Muffler today, after first opening a Canadian bank account for her, eating a chocolate croissant as big as my face, and doing some early Christmas shopping.