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  • Very early start

    My alarm went off at six, and I tried to ignore it. It was damp outside, and my chest was still sore from the last few weeks of coughing. The mere idea of running ten kilometres just to stand around reading barcodes at the parkrun held no appeal. I rolled over and attempted to go […]

  • Low batteries

    This evening I went out for my first run since the 3rd of August. That was a numbingly dull mile around our building, and tonight my wife encouraged me to go up to the waterfront, because it’s been ages since I’ve run there. And since the kids were asleep, I could also make myself useful […]

  • 80/20 Day Two

    This morning, I got up at six again and went out for a run. A Foundation Run 5, to be precise.

  • Slow start

    Today was the first day of my new running regimen. I got out of bed (well, off the sofa) at 6am, checked my heart rate (45 bpm) and then got dressed and went out for a run. A ponderous, slow run, my legs heavy from last night’s effort. Even if I’d wanted to go faster, […]

  • Slow times at the passport line

    The flight to Seattle was fairly uneventful. There wasn’t much turbulence, our daughter wasn’t too loud, and there wasn’t any bother jamming all our stuff into the overhead storage compartment. I did feel some guilt at taking up an entire compartment with our heavy duty baby carrier, a wheeled suitcase and two backpacks, but then […]

  • Laziness

    I’m getting lazier. This evening, after successfully bathing our daughter, instead of making the effort to cook a decent meal, I fried an egg and some vegetarian sausages, drenched them in mustard and wolfed them down. Perhaps through guilt, or fear of salmonella, I fried the egg far too long and far too hot, providing […]