80/20 Day Two

This morning, I got up at six again and went out for a run. A Foundation Run 5, to be precise.

One of the annoying things about 80/20 Running is that there are a set of running schedules that refer to a set of different runs in a quite separate part of the book. This is bad enough when you have the physical copy, but Kindles have never been great for random access, so navigating back and forth to find out that you’re meant to run 5 minutes in zone 1, then 30 in zone 2, then 5 more in zone 1 again is rather aggravating.

(As for those zones: I’m basing them off my threshold rate, as determined by Sunday’s run. That means 125-134 bpm for zone 1, and 135-149 bpm for zone 2. I feel like I should have a website to go to or an app that would compute all this for me, having paid for the book, but I suppose apps are charged for separately.)

Running at a slow pace is a bit dull. I contented myself by constantly reminding myself that this was helping prevent me from overtraining, but jogging along at something around recovery pace is really quite boring. I was almost tempted to start using an mp3 player again, although then I’d probably sabotage my training plan by going too hard again.

Still, tomorrow I have a track session, to make up for all this plodding.

I got home just after seven, to find that my daughter had woken up just as I left the apartment. She was being as cute as necessary, so I tousled her hair, shaved off my beard and then strolled to work with her, my legs encased in compression socks again. I didn’t feel too tired today, although by the evening I was getting a bit sluggish and ready to sleep.

Which of course was impossible, as I had Spanish tonight. Rather than the mindmangling horrors of the indefinite past tense, it was the present continuous this evening. I am learning how to use gerunds. A few years ago, I didn’t know what a gerund was. (Now I know that any combination of a gerund, the definite article and a noun is a synonym for self-abuse, but I thought it best not to mention that in the class. It may only be true for English, after all.)

Finally, home. 68 minutes this week, easy pace.

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