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  • Pacing: the perils of irrational exuberance

    It rained a lot today, and getting to the track it was distinctly chilly, or at least as chilly as it gets outdoors in Singapore in November. That meant I was quite optimistic about tonight, as cooler air presumably meant it would be easier to run. However, all the rain meant it was even more […]

  • The consequences of annoyance

    I was annoyed all yesterday that I’d missed the Parkrun by not being able to catch a taxi, so today I went out to see how long it would take to cycle from Chinatown to East Coast Park. The direct route would be along the freeway, but that’s probably as illegal as it is suicidal, […]

  • 80/20 Day Four

    It hasn’t even been a week since I was last at 7Cycle, but it feels like an eternity after all the running I’ve been putting in. I was still pretty tired after last night’s track session (my Garmin told me I needed about 48 hours of recovery) and when I got home last night, it […]

  • 80/20: Day Three

    You only do three things to be good at a sport: train really diligently, eat really well and sleep lots. Consistently. For a very long time. Oh, and a good genetic inheritance, financial independence and some good luck probably help, but concentrate on the things you can change first. Last night, La Serpiente Aquatica Negra […]

  • 80/20 Day Two

    This morning, I got up at six again and went out for a run. A Foundation Run 5, to be precise.

  • Slow start

    Today was the first day of my new running regimen. I got out of bed (well, off the sofa) at 6am, checked my heart rate (45 bpm) and then got dressed and went out for a run. A ponderous, slow run, my legs heavy from last night’s effort. Even if I’d wanted to go faster, […]