80/20 Day Four

It hasn’t even been a week since I was last at 7Cycle, but it feels like an eternity after all the running I’ve been putting in. I was still pretty tired after last night’s track session (my Garmin told me I needed about 48 hours of recovery) and when I got home last night, it was again to be presented with a squawking baby who only went to sleep when she was lying on top of me. Farting. So truth be told, I wasn’t intending on pushing things too hard this lunchtime.

However, once I was on the bike (in my shiniest Betabrand discoball vest) and being cajoled to push harder, of course I did speed up and grind out another hard session. Not as hard as when I went mad and got to 120rpm last time out, but enough to be soaked in sweat by the end. 25 minutes gentle, followed by 29 minutes full on.

Afterwards, I had a lunch meeting (but sadly very little lunch, just a croissant) and I forgot to put on my lifesaving compression socks, which meant by about 5pm I was gloomy and exhausted, and thus staying late for two hours to help decorate the office for Halloween was something of a struggle. Still, the things we did with string, you’d be amazed…

I still have to assemble my costume, which requires a hat, some sticky tape, and other things I won’t reveal right now. I have to get up early tomorrow and bang out a nice slow run, to try to compensate for all this high intensity silliness over the last 27 hours. Oh, and then there’s the parkrun on Saturday that I have to prep for by eating lots of pizza. Nobody said this would be easy.

118 minutes this week, easy pace. 64 minutes hard (35%)

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