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  • Adler’s Hostel

    In dire need of ice cream, I slunk out of the flat at 8pm, almost took a wrong turn and fell 21 floors to my certain doom, but luckily checked myself before I wrecked myself, and took the lift down instead. Then I walked up South Bridge Road to Adler’s, a hostel in the middle […]

  • Worldbean, JFK baggage reclaim, terminal 2

    Despite feeling perky at Seattle, after a smooth flight over the Pacific, I still couldn’t keep my eyes open on the flight across to New York, and although they served a meal, it was almost entirely unmemorable. It involved quinoa. At least that was vegetarian, whereas on the Hong Kong-Seattle flight all I got from […]

  • Costa Coffee, Vivocity

    I had a surprisingly cheap foot massage today (about the same price as it would be in an upstairs room in Chinatown, but in the far more relaxed atmosphere of a Thai place in the Vivocity mall. The mall itself is usually fairly expensive and very noisy, so finding something cheap and quiet bordered on […]