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  • The smell of jumping to conclusions

    In the afternoon, we went out, first to the library and then up to Crystal Palace on the bus, a real treat for La Serpiente. She loves buses, although they’re different in London. For a start, random blokes don’t often start up conversations with you on a Singaporean bus, and for another, if the bus…

  • Butter and beards

    A few years ago, I drank so much one night that I didn’t realize I was still drunk the next morning until I sobered up at noon. Similarly, I was so tired after Bangkok that I didn’t remember until today how dumb I was. Sleep deprivation is truly wonderful.

  • SAM I am

    I chugged more of the acetaminophen-laced blue goop today, and while it didn’t make my head stop revolving or remove the feeling that the world was floating away from me, it did at least put an end to the streams of phlegm and watery liquid that had been rushing from my lungs and nostrils for…