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  • And out again

    It’s Thursday, so here’s my usual thousand yard stare, except today it’s not from an hour of swimming, it’s from the stress of trying to make it through security and immigration at Suvarnabhumi and get to my gate in less than 45 minutes.

  • Going home again

    All the way to Heathrow, I had a nagging feeling that we were going on the wrong day, and we’d arrive at the airport to find either that we were a day early or a day late. We rented our car from the Sixt over the road from Hatton Cross tube station, and when we […]

  • Day 1, Year 2

    Today was the first anniversary of the start of my new job, and so I got a balloon to commemorate it. (I’m also wearing the same shirt and trousers as a year ago, and the same socks – not sure about the underpants, because I haven’t been assiduously colour coding them with the rest of […]

  • Don’t hit children

    This waa the fourth morning of putting La Serpiente on the school bus, and as with the last three days, she found ways to make us panic. This time, it was by waking up at 12:30 last night and taking an hour to put back down (every time I got up to leave her bedside […]

  • A vortex of cockups

    Today felt absolutely dreadful, a never ending cavalcade of catastrophe, a vortex of cockups, although looking back at it at nine o’clock, I find it hard to figure out why it was so hard at the time.

  • Of snot, and misplaced priorities

    The kids are both a bit snuffly – I’m beginning to be made all gloomy by the persistent vector of sickness that is pre-school. The loveable little urchins lick a door handle or something, then go to school, then lick one another, and then my particular darling comes home and has a fever. Selfishly, this […]

  • Unwatched

    I put my watch down somewhere two days ago, and I’ve no idea where that was. I assume it was somewhere in the apartment, but we’ve turned almost everything upside down to no avail. La Serpiente tried to help, by taking everything out of my underwear drawer and throwing it on the floor, but sadly […]

  • Chasing down the child…

    Today my wife went back to the hospital for another check up (we’re now on weekly check ins as we approach the arrival of Baby 2) and I stayed at home to mind Baby 1. Last week this was pretty simple, as she went to sleep at midday and I spent an hour working on […]

  • Spun out

    Perhaps it was a bad idea to schedule a spin class the day after I’d returned to the track (checking my training log, it was a full month I’d been away from running). If I’d known that La Serpiente Aquatica Negra was going to wake up at four this morning and start hollering, and that […]

  • Bon voyage

    Today my parents and sister had their last day in Singapore. To celebrate the end of their holiday, I … stayed at the office until 7pm. This made me sad, because for the next two hours I was an inchoate mess of rage and frustration, rather than the loving son and brother that I should […]