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  • Best Mum Ever

    My wife took my backpack to England and left hers, because my backpack is slightly better. Well, it’s about five or six years newer and backpack technology improves at a frantic pace: better compression straps, more handy crush proof pockets for sunglasses, better little organisational zipped mesh pockets, and so on. And I couldn’t begrudge […]

  • Not so hot cross buns

    A friend came over this evening to pick up our old coffee table, and at some point he mentioned that he’d never had a hot cross bun. So I toasted a couple and buttered them, and I was just able to share in this Easter-themed repast when Destroyer demanded she have one as well. As […]

  • New Shoes 1, James 0

    New Shoes 1, James 0

    While in San Francisco, I treated myself to a pair of Cole Haan shoes, in lovely, delicious caramel brown. Quite out of character, instead of then keeping them in a shoebox for six months before wearing them, I put them on my feet and walked the girls to school yesterday. Even as I did so, […]

  • Good behaviour

    We had our monthly meeting today, and I was completely surprised, after announcing the Halloween party, to be presented with the prize of Dave, the Behaviour Iguana. At least, I think he’s called Dave. I was too overcome with amazement to be sure of his name.

  • Gunning it

    Back to the track again… After a weekend where I’d felt broken and exhausted, my stomach rebelling against me, I was a little nervous about going back to the track, for fear that I would be let down by my guts. But I had my shiny red compression socks to take for their first proper […]