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  • Waiting for the typhoon

    A T8 typhoon was declared this morning, but there was nothing but spotty rain until ten minutes before we needed to get a taxi to the station, at which point it began sheeting it down and apparently all the taxis dissolved. We jumped my suitcase down the hill to Queens Road, where my wife narrowly […]

  • First night in Vietnam

    This is the second country I’ve visited for the first time this year (I thought I hadn’t been anywhere new for ages, but that was because I forgot about Portugal…) Flying in to Ho Chi Minh City, the first thing that struck me was how flat things were: I’m too used to the mountains of […]

  • Avoiding responsibilities

    I had forgotten that La Serpiente’s school was closed for the half term break, so when I prised myself off her floor at 7:45 I immediately panicked about needing to get washed, dressed and fed before sprinting out the door with her at 8:15. My wife saw me rush around in scatter-brained, eyes-wide-shut mode for […]

  • 12 March, 2017 22:35

    After two horrendous weekends, I’m feeling better again; I have a headache tonight, but not the all-conquering migraine that blighted my life over the last week. Like idiots, my wife and I stayed up until 2 this morning watching movies, but we battled through the day and survived Destroyer cutting her foot on a broken […]

  • Slammed

    After a long flight, there’s nothing I enjoy so much as placing my luggage in the boot of a car, and then managing to smash my head against the lid of the boot as I slam it closed. This might not sound very enjoyable, even to me, but it’s such a consistent part of my […]

  • What I Learned Last Weekend

    Amy is a spectacularly depressing film. Having watched every dreadful film on the way out (Vacation, Get Hard, and others too numerous to mention) on the way back to Singapore I watched … Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Which was even worse than my wife warned me. But I also watched Amy, a documentary about […]

  • Cheated in New York

    I got up this morning after the worst night’s sleep I’ve had all week. After yesterday’s wonderful 8 hours, I was rudely awakened every hour this morning by … well, nothing much in particular. Maybe my body was stressed in advance because it knew that when I looked at the bill the hotel staff shoved […]

  • Waiting for takeoff

    After a week in London, I’m abandoning my wife and kids for three weeks, flying back to the all-embracing heat of Singapore. I was amazed how empty Heathrow was. I suppose that most people don’t choose to travel on a Saturday evening, but the terminal felt deserted. That may be just me making comparisons to […]

  • Spinning up again

    Last night’s tomfoolery didn’t abate until about 8 this morning, when, after I gave up on trying to sleep with La Serpiente thrashing around on the parental bed, trying to distract my wife from feeding Butterball Destroyer, I went and slept in my daughter’s cot. I had ten minutes of blissful slumber before my wife […]

  • Everyone’s a blagger

    Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that everyone’s a blagger. Even if not all people are blagging it all the time, everyone is blagging it some of the time. And this is the story of how I flew to Bali with my wife and child.