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  • Altered Carbon – Season 1

    Altered Carbon – Season 1

    We finished watching Altered Carbon on Netflix a few days ago, which has given time for it to sink in and for me to ruminate some on what I’ve seen, what I liked, and what I didn’t like. In discussing how the TV series is different to the book it was adapted from, it’s impossible […]

  • Screw it

    Screw it

    Today, after a frustrating half hour of trying to screw a screw into the back of my TV and the thread never biting, I discovered that the bolts for wall mounting televisions come in different sizes. Our TV is a 43″ model, so it needs M8 bolts of an undisclosed length, whereas the knackered TV […]

  • On my head

    Today I went to work in a 23 year old Motorhead tshirt and a pair of shorts, forgetting I had to go out for a client meeting today. In fact, a meeting at my old employer’s office, where I used to be suited and booted every day, and instead arrived looking like a badly dressed […]

  • Father Of Tbe Year

    Friday night is pizza night, and Destroyer has shown an obsession with chilli flakes. Up until now it’s been benign; one or two flakes sprinkled on a slice. Today, while I was distracted/stuffing pizza in my face she took matters into her own hands and covered her slice of pizza in chilli flakes. When we […]

  • Straight to bed

    La Serpiente made a stalwart effort to stay awake for the entire flight watching Paw Patrol episodes, but by 1am local time she was faltering and soon after she fell asleep, first sitting upright with her head looking around, then lying in my lap, then standing in the aisle with her head on my lap, […]

  • Almost time for launch

    This morning I related my conversation from yesterday to a colleague. “Well, you don’t have any EQ” she said. I had the last laugh, because only people who don’t have any EQ would be confident in making bold statements about other people lacking EQ. Oh, hang on. That’s not right…

  • A series of “bonding experiences”

    Today was the first time I’ve had to handle both children on my own. Last year I managed three days in Taiwan with La Serpiente and didn’t kill her, so I was fairly confident I’d be able to cope while my wife was away in Bali this weekend, but when you double the size of […]

  • Puffing away

    Tonight I stayed late, dining on corporate curry and evil smelling potatoes, before heading to the track. It had rained today almost continuously; a 4am storm where the rain hissed down as I rushed around the flat closing windows, then a downpour before lunch and one of those apocalyptic, sky-turning-black rainstorms in the afternoon. We […]

  • Irresponsible superheroes

    On the way home from the track, we fell to reminiscing about TV programmes of the 80s; classics like Air Wolf, Street Hawk and Manimal, that bizarre classic where through the simple power of heavy breathing, a man could transform himself into any animal he chose. Although mostly he chose to be a bird, possibly […]

  • Medical screening and Peppa Pig

    Today I went for a health screening in a medical clinic on the third floor of the Ocean Financial Centre. This consisted of sitting for a long time in the Las Vegas Waiting Room, and then going to the much more prosaically named Room 3 to get my blood samples taken or to Treadmill Room […]