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  • @Twitter

    Last night I went to an event at Twitter’s Singapore HQ, in the curiously beautiful CapitaGreen building. (That’s yet another glass and concrete cuboid in the Central Business District, but with an enormous red and white flower sprouting from the roof.) I was there to take part in a panel discussion of data science, in […]

  • I, too, was there – Chaos Monkeys

    In what may have been an act of self-destructive stupidity, I read Chaos Monkeys on the plane on the way to San Francisco, ahead of my first visit to Facebook HQ. If ever there was something to smash the bright eyed idealism that accompanies the start of a new job and replace it with world […]

  • Fast on the draw

    At last night’s Al Murray show, at one point he got out a camera and took a photo of the crowd – I suppose that counts as cultural sensitivity, as that’s what every single person in Singapore does all the time. Well, almost. As I was in the third row from the front next to […]

  • Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Apart From Plausible Deniability?)

    I discovered Dumbest Tweets today, which was highly amusing, although it can be distracting to have the unmitigated sewer pipe of Twitter curated and fed to you. A few thoughts, a propos of that, Squid Ink, and discussions with colleagues: There’s room for a natural language based service that gives you plausible deniability the next […]