Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Apart From Plausible Deniability?)

I discovered Dumbest Tweets today, which was highly amusing, although it can be distracting to have the unmitigated sewer pipe of Twitter curated and fed to you.

A few thoughts, a propos of that, Squid Ink, and discussions with colleagues:

There’s room for a natural language based service that gives you plausible deniability the next time you spew something horrible onto Twitter. Simply hit a button, and it posts another twenty ignorant/racist/sexist/otherwise abhorrent tweets at five minute intervals, and then you can claim that your account was hacked and you weren’t responsible for saying something crass about sexual assault / HIV in South Africa / whatever else was in your turdspurt. Rather than doing something dumb like apologising first, and then pretending you were hacked when it’s obvious you weren’t. Bonus points if the service can run pre-emptively, somehow picking up you’ve said something awful, without running all the time and making your entire Twitter feed some kind of extremist hate-and-idiot-speech channel.

I feel the first part of this may have already been solved, given some of the things I read on Twitter and then wish I hadn’t.

Secondly, is there room for an app to solve the problem of painful breakups? Two possible modes when you get ditched by your boy/girlfriend/significant other/best friend for life/spouse/delete-as-appropriate. “Hermit” mode – excise every mention of that person from your timeline forever, and proactively purge your friend list of anyone you hold in common. And “Living Well” – a counterblast of status updates, photos and videos showing you have a wonderful time with a raft of new and exciting people, while your ex-paramour can only look in in shock and awe (and see their News Feed get spammed full of all the great times you’re having now they’re out of your life).

Who’s up for making social networks that much worse?

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